4/15 Bohm Dialogue — The Self

The Self is self-luminous without darkness and light, and is the reality which is self-manifest. Therefore, one should not think of it as this or as that. The very thought of thinking will end in bondage. – Ramana Maharshi

What is “The Self”? Does it include body, brain, memories, personality, soul, spirit? Take away those things one by one, when does it stop being a Self? Is the Self, as some say, just an illusion?

As always, no outside research is expected of anyone, but if you like, these are some suggestions from Jon Woodward:

Here is the article that got me started on my inquiry into the nature of the “Self”. It discusses some studies done using psilocybin which is an active ingredient in “Magic Mushrooms”.

Here is a TED talk from a brain scientist that had a stroke. She had experiences that sounded to me as similar to the subjects of the psilocybin studies.

This is an article from Psychology Today with a somewhat different perspective. (Not really an opposing view but more of a combined view.)
This is an interview of an author, Bruce Hood, who wrote a book about the Self being and Illusion.
Here is an article that disputes Bruce Hood’s points. This article comes from a site called “The Big Think”.
Okay, one more (but kinda, sorta a bunch more)…
This comes from a site called “New Scientist”. This is more like a compendium of articles with perspectives on why the Self is an illusion.
And Ernie has these examples of non-human Selves:

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