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Career Opportunities at First Parish of Sudbury

Posted June 18, 2019

Two open positions on staff at First Parish of Sudbury: click on links for job descriptions.

Office Administrator

Marketing and Communications Coordinator


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2019 Summer Services Schedule

Date Leader Topic
June 16 Dave Andrews Fatherhood
June 23 June Hopkins Genealogy – Voice in Your Blood
July 7 Tom Yelton What is Church For? A Dialogue.
July 14 Fred Pryor The Financial Social Worker
July 21 Leslie Bryant
July 28 Marion Tratnyek Summers on the Farm
August 4 Earth Centered Group Lughnasadh!
August 11 Seth Kaplan What Is It About Guns
August 18 Lane Williamson God of Dirt
August 25 All Attendees Poetry Jam


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Genealogy – Voice in Your Blood — June Hopkins

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Fatherhood — Dave Andrews

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Flower Ritual during Sunday Service on last day

Flower Ritual on June 9

Sunday, June 9 will be the last Sunday of our Program Year. As in past years, we will conclude with a flower ritual (some call it Flower Communion), introduced to Unitarian worship by Norbert Čapek of Czechoslovakia in June, 1923. Čapek built a religious movement of Unitarians that, over the course of two decades, grew to nearly 10,000 people. He ministered at what was then the largest Unitarian congregation in the world, in Prague.

The flower ritual was brought to the United States by Mája Čapek in 1940. She was raising money for her husband’s church in Prague. During her tour, World War II broke out and she was unable to return home. Her husband, still in Prague, denounced the brutality of the Nazi regime. Soon after the occupation of Czechoslovakia, Dr. Čapek was arrested. He died in a concentration camp in Germany in 1942. Mája remained in the United States, where she continued to work for international religious freedom until her death in 1956.

In the words of Mája Čapek, “No two flowers are alike, no two people are alike; yet each has a contribution to make; each would help make the world as beautiful as a colorful bouquet. By exchanging the flowers, we signify that we are willing, in the spirit of tolerance and patience, to march together in search of truth, disregarding all that usually divides people.”

On June 9, please bring a flower for each person participating in our pan-generational worship service. The helpful Landscape Committee members will help you put them in a vase when you enter, and then they will be carried into the service before the ritual. If you have any questions, contact Fran in the office.

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Here it is, folks, the straight scoop on how things work at FPS in the summer:

click here:    Summer@FPS

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Office Hours June 2019

The “old” administrator, Fran Sharp, is transitioning to summer hours and also preparing to train the person who will be the new administrator … at some point during the summer. There will be more information coming soon about this.

So, here’s our best guess about times you can expect to find an administrator in the office:


Tuesday, Wed and Thursday (June 11, 12, 13) from 9am-noon

Tuesday, Wed, and Thursday (June 18, 19, 20) from 9am-noon

Wednesday June 26 from 9am-noon

Watch for more information about staffing the office in July and August.




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