About Sunday Services

Meet the Greeters

Greeters in the foyer will invite you to sign the Visitors book and give you a temporary name tag. They can also share additional information about First Parish with you. Recent sermons and many informative pamphlets can be found in the nearby racks. Just ask a greeter to point these out to you.

The Service

The service, which begins at 10 am each Sunday, lasts about an hour, and seating is completely open. If you have young children and they (or you) are not yet ready to send them off with the other children for Religious Exploration, they are most welcome to attend worship service. If infants or toddlers are fussy, you may walk around the rear of the sanctuary or adjourn to the Parish Hall immediately beneath the sanctuary where your child can play or rest, and you can still listen to the service. Please feel free to rejoin the worship service in the sanctuary at any time!

Children’s Religious Exploration

Each Sunday, we invite our children and youth to begin the worship service in the Sanctuary so that families can enjoy the first few moments of the service together. The beginning of each Sunday worship service includes a Time For All Ages.  Some weeks, we share a children’s story that relates to the theme of the worship service, and other weeks we invite our children and youth to share important milestones from their lives with the congregation.  We hope that these special times for children help our youngest members to form meaningful connections with the larger faith community at First Parish of Sudbury. Following the Time For All Ages, the children, youth, guides, and DRE leave the Sanctuary to attend their Religious Exploration classes.  

Directions for Children’s Religious Exploration (R.E.) and children’s activities are posted on the easel in the lobby, and the greeter will be happy to explain the day’s activities you and also make introductions.

For more information about Religious Exploration, please visit this page.

Social Hour

After the worship service, follow the crowd downstairs into the Parish Hall for refreshments and conversation! We hope you’ll stop by the Welcome table to ask any questions you may have. We look forward to meeting you and getting to know you! With a special visitor’s mug in hand, we expect you will meet many people!

After the Service

You can visit one of the children’s groups with your child or enroll your children in Religious Exploration (R.E.) at any time. See the RE Director () for an enrollment form.

Check out the Weekly Calendar (inserted into the worship program) or see the web calendar for details about other social events and activities.

Meeting with our minister is a great way to discover how your interests and gifts can find a home at First Parish of Sudbury!

Dress is casual

Because we want you to be as comfortable as you can be, our dress code is casual.