Revelry Service 2023 with the Morris Dancers

December 3, 2023 10:00 am

Join us for our Revelry Service!  This winter holiday service celebrates the longest night and the shortest day and draws upon ancient sacred and folk traditions.  Music, readings, and dance are woven throughout this festive service.  Listen carefully and you will see how these ancient stories have elements that we find in so many other religious stories about darkness and light, death and rebirth.  We are dancing and reveling and reenacting ancient rituals originally designed to bring back the sun and ensure the rebirth of the natural world.  

Dance Master, Tom Kruskal, will be leading the Hop Brook Morris dancers and the Pocketflyer Sword Dancers. The dancers will also enact a Mummers Play, The Sun of Winter, written by Fritz Fleischmann, to symbolize waking up the earth after the longest night.  The First Parish Choir, led by Minister of Music, Debra Morris-Bennett, will sing, and there are several opportunities for the congregation to join in festive song!