Sudbury 3rd Gr. Visit FPS on Sudbury Through Time Field Trip

Throughout May, Sudbury’s third graders participated in the Sudbury Through Time field trip, sponsored by the Sudbury Historical Society. Walking with guides through Town Center, students learned about people and events in Sudbury’s long history, from the historical figures themselves. At the Loring parsonage, the Reverend’s wife, Mary, met the groups and talked about life around the house and gardens. At First Parish, the Reverend Loring brought students to the Sanctuary and discussed the history of the Parish from its earliest days. Both Colin Warwick (pictured here) and Jan Hardenbergh played the role of Reverend Loring. The tour continued through the Revolutionary Cemetery and Town Pound.

The third grade students and teachers are so grateful to have had this opportunity to learn firsthand about their history and their town!