Eloise & Co. – Exciting Tunes & Songs from the Celtic, French, & Quebecois Traditions

April 13, 2024 7:30 pm
The Sudbury Meetinghouse Concert Series

Tickets: $25

Sudbury Meetinghouse Concerts invites you to Eloise & Co. – Exciting Tunes & Songs from the Celtic, French, & Quebecois Traditions!

Brattleboro-based band Eloise & Co. is a shapeshifting ensemble, often a duo and, at other times, a trio with piano or guitar. With Becky Tracy on fiddle, octave fiddle, and vocals and Rachel Bell on accordion and vocals, Eloise & Co. plays a dynamic range of music including gritty French bal folk groove tunes, energetic Celtic reels, soulful waltzes, and lively Quebecois tunes. The band travels extensively, performing for festivals, concerts, bal folk, and contra dances, but they are also committed to exploring ways to enrich the music and dance scene right here at home in New England. 

Becky and Rachel found themselves in a spontaneous jam session with Quebecois pianist extraordinaire Rachel Aucoin at a music camp in 2017. The musical chemistry was instant and palpable, and the three decided right then and there that they had to play together again. Rachel Aucoin’s piano playing is unmatched. Her classical background is mind-boggling, and her work with dance bands like Domino and Raz-de-marée over the years cemented her position in the pantheon of legendary rhythm backup players. Based in Beaumont, Quebec, she continues to tour widely with a dazzling array of musicians. 

It’s hard to pin down exactly what sparked the creative synergy Becky and Rachel Bell felt while playing with Rachel Aucoin, but there is something transcendent about the blend of their rhythmic grooves and musical energies. The three began rehearsing, recording, and playing concerts just before the pandemic but then got interrupted by COVID. They are thrilled to present this cross-border reunion in a weekend of concerts in New England.

Becky, Rachel Bell, and Rachel Aucoin are excited to invite you into their shared musical delight with a variety of music ranging from old traditional tunes to their new compositions, all infused with the magnetism that drew them together in the first place.