New Clock Faces

We are excited to have new faces on our clock! Interested in the story behind the clock? Read on!

The clock is an E. Howard & Co. #2 Flatbed Striker Tower Clock and was a gift to the Town by the Sudbury school children in 1873. The clock and its three faces are owned and maintained by the Town, even though we own the 1851 George H. Holbrook bell that it chimes onto and of course the steeple (and its belfry) that houses them.

Steve “Gabe” Gabeler’s photo essay on the steeple is here.

You can watch a video of the clock’s hammer chiming twelve on the bell here.

You might be wondering what the bell did between being cast in 1851 and being chimed in 1873. I’m glad you asked! The first two (manual) ways of sounding the bell were tolling and peeling. The third method (chiming) was added with the installation of the clock.