Welcome to Religious Exploration – June 2023

Michelle Cote, RE Director

We hope your children can join us for our Sunday RE program!
Questions? Contact Michelle Cote at .

June 4: Buddy Dog Donations
We will pack up our Buddy Dog donations & possibly create more toys to share. This week, we will deliver these items to Buddy Dog.

June 11: Celebration Sunday
This will be the last Sunday of RE Programming until September 10. We will celebrate our year with games and snacks!

We look forward to seeing you in September!

Unitarian Universalist PrinciplesChildren’s Version

We believe that each and every person is important.
We believe that all people should be treated fairly and kindly.
We believe that we should accept one another and keep on learning together.
We believe that each person must be free to search for what is true and right in life.
We believe that all persons should have a vote about the things that concern them.
We believe in working for a peaceful, fair, and free world.
We believe in caring for our planet Earth, the home we share with all living things.