Join Us for First Parish In-Home Dinners 2023!

Dates: January 27 (Friday)
January 28 (Saturday – lunch)
February 4 (Saturday)

The deadline for signing up is Sunday, January 15, 2023.

What are In-Home Dinners? In-Home dinners are an opportunity for members and friends of First Parish of Sudbury (FPS) to have dinner with 6-10 people in the private homes of our members and friends. The dinners are Pot Luck, with the host/hostess arranging what people will bring to ensure there is a balanced meal. Every effort is made to accommodate special needs, such as dietary restrictions, a mostly vegetarian meal, accessibility to the house, food and pet allergies, etc.

How does it work? 

  • People volunteer to host a dinner or lunch, indicating the dates(s) to host and the number of people (including those already in the household) that can be accommodated at the dinner table.
  • Those who want to attend a dinner or lunch choose a date and backup date (if possible) to attend.
  • The hosts/hostesses and attendees are matched. 
  • Each host is provided with a list of attendees for that event.
  • The host/hostess contacts the attendees for that dinner and coordinates what each person will bring. (Main dish, side dish, salad, appetizer, dessert, wine, etc.)

How do I participate?

In the pre-COVID years, this was a very popular social event at FPS with 60 to 80 participants a year. Don’t miss this FPS special opportunity to share friendship and good food. Guests may be asked to do a COVID test the day of, per the wishes of the host(ess).