July 10, 2022 –  Morality in 1722, 2022, & 2322

Join us for Morality in 1722, 2022, & 2322 with Colin Warwick & Ginny Doxsey.

Thinking about Rev Israel Loring, our first settled minister on “the West Side” who served from 1722 to 1772, we ask ourselves, “How could a minister so deeply concerned about morality do something so obviously wrong (to us) as keeping enslaved servants?” How could morality change so much? Then a second thought. “What will our descendants three hundred years from now think of our choices? Greenhouse gas emissions for example” It turns out that the question of morality or ethics (“How should I live my life?”) is one of the Big Three in Western philosophy (the other two are “How should we know the truth?” and “How should we govern ourselves?”) and that a sub-branch of this—moral relativism—seeks to answer these questions. Thus, this summer service will explore this topic.