Sunday, August 16 – Racial Justice: Step Back to Listen, Step Up to Support

On Sunday, August 16, at 10 am, the Racial Justice Group will lead a service, Racial Justice: Step Back to Listen, Step Up to Support. It will be a time to listen—to truly listen—to the words and music of people-of-color… and a time to reflect on voices too seldom heard in predominantly white spaces and too often ignored or silenced.

In her book, White Fragility, Robin DiAngelo describes asking workshop participants how often they talk about race. Those who identify as white usually say, “seldom,” or even “never.” For the people-of-color in the room, the answer is very different. Yet, we all live within a system of structural racism, a system that privileges white-identified people. Not needing to talk about race is one of those privileges.

So how do those who identify as white talk about race? We can begin by listening. By listening to the voices of people-of-color, specifically Black and Indigenous people. By practicing deep listening. By centering the voices of people with lived experience and following their lead.