Saturday, April 4 – Online Spring Service Auction Kickoff

Many things have changed recently, but the Auction is happening on schedule and promises to deliver just as much fun, just as many goodies, parties and activities, and just as much community support for the financial well-being of FPS as it ever has!

Auction is happening at 32auctions!

Here’s what has not changed:

  • Join us in raising a glass together for the kick-off at 6 p.m. on Saturday April 4th.
  • We’ll have the opportunity to greet one another and admire all of the festive party attire, so drag those glad rags out of the closet, and polish up those jewels!
  • Resplendent in their tuxedos, our own incomparable auctioneers Steve Ziobrowski and Rob Kinslow will host.
  • We’re offering more than 100 fabulous items, including so many favorites like rollicking parties hosted by members of our beloved community from A to Z (that would be the Andrews to the Ziobrowskis), homemade goodies, expert services, you name it, the auction has got it!
  • Funds raised from the auction go to support the operating budget of FPS.

And here’s what is new:

  • The Kick-off will be streamed live on Zoom, the same system we use for Virtual Coffee Hour on Sundays. We will be together in spirit, though physically distant. Join us at the Auction Kickoff here.
  • It’s BYOB this year. BYO Dinner too. And BYO computer. But there’s no admission fee!
  • The Auction will be online at this link. This is the same platform that Hope Sudbury uses for their annual auction.
  • The usual categories of “Live,” “Silent,” and “Fixed” items won’t apply. All events and parties will be “Buy Now” up to the number of seats available, so check those out early or you might miss out!
  • The auction committee will be hosting an information session at 10:30 a.m. on Saturday, April 4th, for anyone who wants a hands-on look at how to view items and how to bid. Join the session here.
  • There will be no scrum at the end of the night to get through check-out!
  • The auction will run for one week, from April 4th to April 12th, so bid early and bid often!’