First Parish Secret Santa

The Annual First Parish Secret Santa is about to get underway! Here’s how it works: the Department of Children and Family Services in Framingham gives First Parish the names of 60 children who need a little help from us to make their holiday season more joyful. In addition to their names, there is information such as their favorite colors, sports, hobbies, their sizes, their needs, and their hopes. You can use this information to buy the child an appropriate gift.

All gifts must be new and may be brought to the church on Sundays, up to and including December 15th. Santa’s helpers arrange to have the gifts delivered. A full set of instructions will be available in the Parish Hall starting November 24th.

A few things to remember:

  • You are not expected to buy all of the things listed. You don’t have to buy any of the things listed. You may buy any age appropriate gift that you think the child would like.

  • All gifts must be newly bought items.

  • Wrap all gifts in seasonal wrapping. Securely, bundle together multiple packages for the same child. Attach the card with the social worker’s name to the outside of the package where it can easily be seen.

  • Never leave a gift unattended in the parish hall, except during Sunday morning services.

  • All gifts must be brought to the Parish Hall no later than Sunday, December 15th at noon.

Please contact Sherri Cline with any questions.