Saturday, November 2 – Women’s Alliance One-Day Retreat

Please plan now to attend the annual one-day Retreat of the Women’s Alliance Saturday November, Nov. 2 in the beautiful community building of the Harvard, MA Unitarian-Universalist Church. We will start with coffee and tea, provided by the Alliance, and snacks to which all will contribute, at 9:30 a.m. The program will run from 10 to 12 with a break for lunch at 12, and resume from 1 to 3.

Our facilitator for this retreat is Lane Williamson. Here are her words to describe her program:

“This all-day retreat will focus on art as a spiritual path – not a religious path – but rather as a space or sanctuary providing for exploration, solace, witness, and growth. We will talk about intention in art making and witness in art making – and we will explore the transformative power of making art together as an act of profound community building. What this is: an exploration of art as a sacred activity and also its potential as communal activity. What this is not: an exploration of art as therapy. Also: you are at an advantage if you know nothing about making art! ? Over the course of the day we will: Work in graphite exploring intention; make mono prints that connect our deep roots to graphic image; work in paint exploring mark making as a language; and work as an image community creating a huge collage that mirrors our belief that art making is a profound glue!”

The cost of the program is $25, which includes materials. We will each bring our own lunch, or you may wish to purchase a salad or sandwich at the deli across the street. Bring cash or preferably a check (payable to Women’s Alliance of First Parish Sudbury) to the retreat — you need not pay in advance, but we need to know if you are coming by October 25th, for planning purposes. We do usually have room for last minute signups.

AnnMarie Lanza has volunteered to be the registrar for this event. Please RSVP to her at . It would be helpful if you would also indicate if you need a ride, or could provide one to someone else. Once you have signed up we will send you directions to the Community Center (which is next to the church, but has a different address).

If you have any other questions, please contact Peg Espinola at .