Harvest Fair Volunteers & Contributions Needed!

Many volunteers are needed to set-up and run the Harvest Fair!  Please make a time commitment to help, either on Friday, October 18, between 2pm and 7pm, but especially on Saturday, October 19th, between 8:30am and 4pm.  There are tasks for everyone – even sitting for an hour collecting baked goods money would be a help!

Start cooking! Go shopping! If you are looking for other ways to contribute, some things you can do to help now include:

  • The Harvest is here and it is time for making jams, jellies and pickles. Put a few jars aside to sell for FPS.  Some baked goods freeze very well, like pumpkin bread or coffee cake, so baking ahead is a big help! Please plan to bake the week before the event, and sign up with our Bake Sale Coordinator, Toni Trone.
  • All the items purchased and collected by us will be organized into baskets for the Silent Auction.  Last year this was a successful fundraiser. So enjoy shopping for items that can be included in Autumn, Halloween, and Thanksgiving themed baskets.  For more a more specific shopping list, please see below for donation suggestions.

Volunteer needs

We need everyone to pitch in! We anticipate needing more help in several categories, both before and during the fair.  Please let Valerie Tratnyek know if you can help with any of these, or if you are willing to be assigned a task, She can be reached at  or call 978-369-3552.

  1. On Saturday, we need more help during the busiest time from 11am to 2pm.  Please donate an hour or two of your time; directing traffic & guiding vendors and visitors, helping to sell mums outside or baked goods inside, assisting the kitchen staff, or minding the Silent Auction baskets while bidding continues throughout the day.
  2. On Friday, please deliver any contributions for the Silent Auction baskets by 1pm.  You may leave them in the workroom/office or in the box in the last classroom/basement level if you want to drop off items before Friday.  Enjoy shopping, if you haven’t yet had time!  Many Fall-themed, or Halloween and Thanksgiving items are needed to make the auction a success! Need ideas? Check our “shopping list” or contact Valerie.
  3. Jams, jellies, and baked goods always sell well. Plan to bake, and then deliver your goods on Friday, between 2 and 7pm, or before 9:30am on Saturday. You are encouraged to include an ingredient list, especially for nut-free and gluten-free. Contact Toni Trone with what you are planning to bring at .
  4. We need a photographer! There will be lots going on and it would be a shame to lose the opportunity to record this community event! Please let Valerie know if you can take this on!
  5. If you have collected natural materials for the fairy houses, please be sure they are delivered to the Brackett Room by 10AM Saturday! We have pinecones, seed pods, and acorns, but we can use more materials. On your walk this week, look for lichen covered sticks, birch bark, etc.
  6. Is there a hardy soul out there who is willing to rake out the horse stalls to make them attractive for our vendors?  Please let Valerie know if you are willing!

Most importantly, come and enjoy! Bring a friend!

Suggestions for contributions to the Silent Auction & Harvest Fair

Contributions will be collected Friday, October 18 at noon. Contact Valerie Tratnyek with any questions.

Most needed: About 20 medium and large baskets of varying shapes. These must be new or very clean used baskets – other containers can be used, too, if they are appropriate for our autumn theme.

The items below are only examples – feel free to contribute other things!

  1. Fall-themed decorations for the home: candles, table runners, table decorations, placemats, door swag.
  2. Autumn-themed artwork, jewelry, and clothing: leaf earrings, colorful mittens, scarves, fall photo cards.
  3. Thanksgiving and cooking: pie plates, placemats, recipe cards, cookie cutters, apple cake mix, maple syrup.
  4. Autumn in the garden: gloves, tools, bulbs, dried herbs, dried herbs and spices, books on perennials.
  5. Tea and coffee: mugs, herbal tea, flavored coffee.
  6. Halloween crafts for kids 5-12: wooden skulls and owls and paints, puzzles, fall themed coloring books.
  7. Honey heaven: honeybee decor, honey candy, honey pot.
  8. Halloween candy and decorations for home: candy, door decorations, small pumpkins, colored lights, candy bowls.
  9. Mysteries and magic: mystery books, skull and bones decoration, black cat, magic tricks.
  10. Doorstop decorations: mum plants, pots, pumpkins, gourds, scarecrow decorations.
  11. Pie makers: pie plates, weights, recipe books, crust mixes.
  12. Apples: apple napkins or plates, fresh or dried apples, caramel apple kits.
  13. Squash: winter squash, recipes, baking dishes, herbs.
  14. One big pumpkin.
  15. Movie night: kettle corn, candy corn, cider, Halloween DVDs.
  16. More autumn-themed items for the silent auction table…