Volunteering in the Religious Exploration Program

The Religious Exploration Program is actively seeking volunteers for this year!

Volunteering in the RE program is rewarding and fun, and it’s also a wonderful way to contribute to our congregation!  We have a number of volunteer slots available this fall!  Here are some of our exciting volunteer roles:

  1. Teaching Religious Exploration classes to students in grades K-3 or 4-8: Jenna will have your lesson plans and materials prepared and set up in the classroom for you each week!
  2. Helping in the First Parish Nursery with children ages 0-4: Please help to care for our youngest children during worship services!  We have a lovely nursery classroom and lots of toys and crafts to entertain little ones!
  3. Helping with the Junior Youth Group’s Social Justice Outings: Our Youth Coordinator, Sonia Prince, will be leading Junior Youth outings throughout the year, and we welcome all volunteers who are interested in working with our youth to make positive change in our community!
  4. Leading a special Share A Talent class: Do you have a talent, interest or hobby that you would be willing to share with our students? Jenna will help you to plan a lesson around it!
  5. Helping with our Children’s Choir classes on special Arts Sundays: Musicians, please come and share your musical talents with our children!

Please contact Jenna Kyes, Director of Religious Exploration, at if you are interested in volunteering this fall!

Important:  Please note that every adult volunteering in the RE program must have an updated CORI check on file with First Parish of Sudbury before they are able to work with the children and youth.