“The Grace Machine”, Mr. Kurt Leland (newsletter)

Join us on Sunday, May 5 when we welcome Mr. Kurt Leland to our pulpit.

Mr. Leland writes of his sermon: Grace is sometimes defined as “being right with God.” But what does that mean? What if grace was a force pervading the entire universe, a gentle but persistent pressure to turn back toward our divine Source whenever our personal or collective suffering causes us to turn away in pain?  What if the universe was a great grace machine, a mechanism as inevitable as the law of karma perpetually working to make us whole?
Kurt Leland is a national lecturer for the Theosophical Society, an international organization founded in New York in 1875 a promote universal brother/sisterhood, the comparative study of science, religion, and philosophy, and the investigation of unknown laws of nature and the spiritual powers latent in humanity. He is a poet, composer, and author of eight books on alternative spirituality and mystical states of consciousness.