Religious Exploration April

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Religious¬†Exploration– What does it mean to be whole? Each week those that welcome us to First Parish invite us to bring our “whole selves” to our meetinghouse but how many of us understand what it means to be unified with the self, complete, or whole? This month the children of First Parish will be exploring the concept of the “whole self”, discussing what that means and untangling the many pieces that make us unique individuals. All about self-exploration, this month’s goal is to allow each of us to explore what makes us…well…us! Through a variety of expressive art exercises, games, discussions, and readings, the children will begin to put a voice to who and what they think they are, while at the same time learning about the inherent worth and dignity of those around them. Don’t miss this amazing opportunity for self-growth in April!
Please Note – Religious Exploration at First Parish is in need of adult volunteers to lead and assist in spirit play and nursery! Please contact us at if you are able to volunteer!