FPS Community Activities Fair Sunday April 14 at Social Hour

The Community and Hospitality Committee, led by Leslie Lowe, is sponsoring a fair at social hour on April 14.

You will have the chance to stroll around and chat with people involved in the many groups and activities at FPS.


Have you wondered: whether the Landscape Committee has a job to do where you don’t get your hands dirty? (YES)

Do you need to already be a quilter to come to quilting and crafting on the first Tuesday of the month? (NO)

Can you be part of choosing books to read if you are part of the Brit Lit Book Group, or Spirituality Book Group? (YES)

What is “Push Hands” t’ai chi? (Come find out!)

Do you need to have a quiet mind to do meditation? (NO)

Whatever do the men do at the monthly Men’s Group meeting? (I can’t tell you)

And, there is so much more, so please plan to stay after service on the 14th. Eat, drink, and be curious!

For more information, contact Leslie Lowe, or Fran Sharp in the office.