Religious Exploration March 24th

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Religious¬†Exploration– Last Sunday the children had popcorn theology class to begin exploring, in a contemporary way, the stories found in the Bible. Our study of Catholicism this weeks will be all about the myths and legends of a faith. We will hear about: The Creation myth, Noah’s Ark, Adam & Eve, Joseph’s Coat, David & Goliath, and Jonah in the belly of the fish. The children will see how things like Joseph’s story, or the story of Passover are shared among the religions we’ve learned about and how they tie together as well as how they relate to our own UU principles. As we head towards Easter/Passover, we are working on a special crossover event between our own Religious Exploration classes and those at Beth El. I hope to see you all Sunday!
Please Note – Religious Exploration at First Parish is in need of adult volunteers to lead and assist in spirit play and nursery! Please contact us at if you are able to volunteer!