Strategies and Stories from the German Climate Justice Movement

Scaling Up the Resistance: Strategies and Stories from the German Climate Justice Movement

Thursday, March 7 in the Commons at 7:00pm

The 350MA MetroWest node is excited to host a stop on the East Coast tour of the German Climate Justice movement ‘Ende Gelaende’ (Here and No Further)!

About our guest presenters: Over the last ten years, a strong and diverse radical climate justice movement has been growing in Germany, founded on principles of frontline struggles, mass mobilization, direct action, and cooperation across organizational and tactical differences. The last few years saw the emergence of “Ende Gelände” mass mobilizations for civil disobedience; 6,000 people collectively blocked coal infrastructure last fall. Wearing their emblematic white overalls, demonstrators invaded mining pits, danced in front of the diggers, slept on the railways, and provoked pictures that have raised attention globally by exposing the dirty truth behind the official tale of the German energy transition “Energiewende” and making the connection between climate chaos and capitalism. Focusing on tangible examples, the tour aims to advance ideas for mass mobilizations and build bridges between international approaches for climate justice. For more information:

Thursday, March 7, First Parish Sudbury, 327 Concord Road, Sudbury, 7pm. RSVP to attend here 



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