Living Our Values with Ms. Laura Wagner (for newsletter)

Join the congregation at First Parish of Sudbury for the first of our Sunday services during the time our settled minister is on sabbatical. This Sunday, Jan. 13, we welcome back to our pulpit Ms. Laura Wagner, executive director of UU Mass Action, the Unitarian Universalist State Action Network. Their mission is to organize and mobilize UUs to confront injustice.

Ms. Wagner’s sermon is titled “Living Our Values”. Join us to learn more.

This Sunday we will “Share the Plate”–half of the collection will go to UU Mass Action.

Founded in 2006, it is a statewide network of congregations, lay members and ministers whose mission is to mobilize our voice in support of Unitarian Universalist values to achieve a just, equitable and compassionate Commonwealth. We are proud to share our collection with this worthy organization this morning.