Religious Exploration in January 2019!

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Religious Exploration- Welcome everyone to a brand new year! 2019 brings with it new themes in learning and exploration for the children of First Parish. January heralds in a month of Grace, but what exactly is Grace? Defined, it is to do honor or credit to something by your presence, it is free and unmerited favor or the simple elegance or refinement of one’s movement. This month we will begin to explore the concepts of Judaism in preparation for a Neighboring Faith’s visit later in the Spring. The children will be learning about this monotheistic religion during the month of Grace, gaining a better understanding of this Abrahamic religion with the Torah as it’s foundational text. Our exploration will include the philosophy, religion, language, and culture of the Jewish people. Later months in 2019 will include lessons in Islam, and Catholicism as well as trips to meet groups of their peers from our neighboring places of gathering. If your children are interested in participating in the visit portion of Neighboring Faiths in the Spring must attend at least Two Sunday’s of learning to prepare for the visit. If for some reason they are unable to meet this requirement please contact Michele Barkhauer, Director of Religious Education at First Parish of Sudbury to make alternate arrangements for learning opportunities!
Spirit Play This Week: Will be led by Taryn Trexler in the commons.
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Spirit Play: