First Parish Sudbury In-Home Dinners in January 2019

First Parish Sudbury In-Home Dinners in January 2019

What are In-Home Dinners? Every year everyone in First Parish has the opportunity to have dinner with 8-12 people held in the private homes of members and friends. The dinners are Pot Luck, with the host/hostess arranging what people will bring to ensure there is a balanced meal. Every effort is made to accommodate special needs, such as dietary restrictions, accessibility to the house, and allergies.

Dates:  Saturday, January 19, Sunday, January 20, and Saturday, January 26

The Community & Hospitality Committee (CHC) organizes In-Home Dinners.

  • Members and friends volunteer to host a dinner, indicating the dates(s) to host and the number of people (including those already in the household) that can be accommodated at the dinner table.
  • Anyone who wants to attend a dinner chooses a date and backup date to attend.
  • The CHC matches hosts/hostesses and attendees.
  • The CHC provides each host with a list of attendees for that event.
  • The host/hostess contacts the attendees for that dinner and coordinates what each person will bring. (Main dish, side dish, salad, appetizer, dessert, wine, etc.)
  • Last year 74 adults and children enjoyed themselves at the In-Home events. Come hang out with your old friends and make some new friends.

There are multiple dinners for adults on each date.  However, to encourage as many people as possible to attend an In-Home Event, the CHC has planned some special events:

  • A family brunch or dinner for parents of younger children who prefer a total family experience rather than attending an adults-only dinner.  Date to be determined
  • A mid-day brunch on Sunday, January 20


Please contact Leslie Lowe with the following information:

  1. Do you want to host? Select your date, indicate the number of people you can accommodate; are there pets in your house; are there steps to access your house?
  2. Do you want to attend as a guest? If yes, choose a first and backup date. Do you have pet allergies, difficulty with steps, dietary restrictions or strong dietary preferences?
  3. Do you need a ride? Let us know and it can be arranged.

The deadline for signing up is Monday, January 7.  Email  , telephone 978.443.5138 or text 978.201.0538