Religious Education November is All About Gratitude!

Stones with words like hope, love, and peace engraved on them.
Religious Exploration & Spirit Play – The month of November brings with it giving thanks and being grateful as we explore the Thanksgiving season. Inspiring one person to change can change the world, and it is these small changes that we strive for every day. I often find it amazing that when people speak about the butterfly effect they believe that the single flap of a butterfly’s wings can ripple through time and change the future, but in the present, they don’t see that even their small, individual actions can have amazing and long-lasting effects. Each one of us has places, times, and people that have changed us on our journeys, and this November the children of Religious Exploration will be delving deeper into what it means to be grateful and show gratitude for all of those in a time that seems to value instant-gratification and materialism. We will be discussing how we change others, how they, in turn, change us. We will be creating a collaborative art piece, working on our reflection journals and free to be me wall, and engaging in activities designed to foster discussion about what it means to truly give thanks for something. I hope that you will all be there to join us!
This coming Sunday, November 11, 2018 all children will be starting in Sanctuary where we will have a Story for all ages and intergenerational milestones before leaving for Religious Exploration class I hope to see everyone there!
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Spirit Play: