Religious Education in October

Happy Fall, Families & Children of Religious Exploration here at First Parish of Sudbury! With the beginning of October comes new themes and lessons for our spookiest month. Carrying our Harry Potter and UU theme forward we will be holding a UU Principles potions class where our explorers will gain a better understanding of the formation of Unitarian Universalist beliefs and how we choose every day to present ourselves to the world and interact with those around us.

We will spend the coming weeks delving into our sense of self, our ideas about what purpose is, and how we can best realize our individual potential. Our lesson stems from the fact that each and every one of us brings something unique to what we create together starting with a brand new Free to be Me wall! As Catherine Bateson says, the undiscovered self is an unexpected and powerful resource and we plan to make the most of it this month!
Also, make sure you keep an eye out for Harvest Fair announcements and sign up to volunteer if you are able and haven’t done so already; it’s going to be an amazing day.
We need your help! Please click the links below to volunteer a Sunday in RE!
Spirit Play: