Religious Exploration : Welcome Back!

Religious Exploration – 2018 looks to be an amazing year for all of our children here at First Parish. Join us on September 9th for signups in preparation for an exciting and explorative curriculum! September 16th will mark our icebreaker day where all of our children will get a chance to get acquainted, where we will say hello to those among us who are new, and where we will welcome everyone else back. As always our year will be filled with art, cinema, activities, social activism, and self-realization!

On the docket for the upcoming RE year:

Popcorn Theology – The children of First Parish RE will get a chance to discuss real-world issues and ideas using popular culture movies as points of reference. Last year we discussed the plight of the house elves in Harry Potter as a way to discuss social change and economic inequality. This year we will be focusing on films like the Hunger Games, Harry Potter, and the Divergent series to discuss relevant topics and to allow the children to form their own ideas and analysis of the world around them. We love our critical thinkers!

Neighboring Faiths – This year we will be embarking on a new venture, exploring faiths outside of Unitarian Universalism. The children of RE will get a chance to learn about and discuss different faiths, and will have the opportunity to visit a few places such as an Islamic Center, a Catholic Church, and a Jewish Temple, and will meet and speak with children from these other places of worship to foster a sense of understanding and community. This will be a multi-part curriculum and will require that any child wishing to participate in the field-trip portions of neighboring faiths be present during the study and discussion portions beforehand.

UU and You/ Mentoring – Many of our children this year will be focusing time on what it means to be a Unitarian Universalist and will be taking part in mentoring. If you are an adult of First Parish and are interested in volunteering as a mentor please join us and sign up on September 9th! Parent’s of children entering mentoring there will be an additional sign up available at coffee hour.

Harvest Fair – As the members of First Parish gear up to reimagine the annual harvest fair we want to hear from you! Ideas for children’s and families activities that you or your friends may be able to help pull together are always welcome. Maybe you have a knack for painting and want to try your hand at face painting, or maybe you know someone who is great at hosting games and activities. Let us know!

Children’s & Families Christmas Eve Service- As with last year, we will be planning a children and families Christmas Eve services; any children interested in special sign-ups please let the Re Director know.


Volunteers – We are so looking forward to an amazing year and as always we are looking for class volunteers to make it all happen. If you are available on a Sunday to volunteer please check the sign-ups and let’s get those slots filled in!   NURSERY     SPIRIT PLAY


I can’t wait to see you all on Sunday!

Michele Barkhauer