FPS Scenarios Task Force Update

Scenarios Task Force

We need your input and feedback!  Please mark your calendars for Sunday, September 30th, at 11:45 AM. Immediately following social hour, we will gather in the Commons to hear an initial report from the Four Scenarios Task Force. In addition to learning what the Task Force has been doing, there will be an opportunity for conversation about the financial future of First Parish.

While we will be ostensibly talking about finances, the budget represents so much more than numbers. Those numbers tell a story … a story of what matters to us, what we envision for First Parish of Sudbury (FPS) in the future, how we live our values, and more. Please join us for the conversation!

Below are answers to questions you may have about the Task Force.

What is the Four Scenarios Task Force?

At the Annual Congregation Meeting (ACM) in June, the congregation passed the FY 19 (July 2018-June 2019) budget with a $26K deficit. Fortunately, due to the thoughtful stewardship of people who went before us, FPS has a Stability Fund from which this deficit can be funded.

As part of the deliberations on the budget, the members passed a motion to form a task force that would develop four scenarios for the financial future of FPS, to be presented to the congregation not later than January 2019.

What problem is the Task Force working on?

With deficit budgets in three of the last five years, this approach of using the Stability Fund is not sustainable. The good news is that we recognize the problems – as evidenced by discussion at the ACM – and are committed to solving them. In addition, it bears repeating that years of careful financial management has provided a Stability Fund that gives us time to develop and implement thoughtful solutions.

How will the Task Force address the problem?

This Task Force is one part of the solution. We will develop and present to the congregation financial scenarios for the next five years, based on historical data and current trends. The next step, led by the Board of Trustees, will be to develop a strategic plan.  By spring 2019, when the budget for the next year is prepared, we should have a solid plan.

An important part of preparing the scenarios is obtaining input from the congregation. We believe the best solutions will come from using a broad range of perspectives to develop specific possibilities. The meeting on September 30th will be an opportunity for the Task Force to share our work, discuss the data, and hear many perspectives before we move into the final phase of the project.

What if I can’t attend on September 30th?

As important as it is to research and analyze data and trends, the key to a thriving First Parish of Sudbury rests with the congregation. We need your input! If you are not able to attend on the 30th, we still want to talk with you. And, if you are able to attend, we also want to hear any further thoughts or questions you may have after the meeting. We invite you to contact any member of the Task Force or email us at and we will schedule a time to meet.

Be sure also to check out the materials we have posted on the Village website: Scenarios Task Force Group

Scenarios Task Force

Alex Andrews, Sheila Davison, Jan Hardenbergh (Chair), Sara Hartman, Susan Iuliano, Mark McNamee, Sheila Murphy