Matt Meyer to lead worship

“Love the  hell out of this world”  You won’t want to miss the return of Matt Meyer who will lead our worship service on Jan. 21. Matt’s worship services provide a dynamic and varied experience of rhythm’s enduring power to teach us about ourselves and each other. “When the congregation is wrapped up in the sounds of the drum, fully absorbed in the readings or moved to their feet by inspired group rhythm-making, there is a magic that happens… community is cultivated.”

At 11:30am Matt will offer a workshop “Mobilizing Congregations For Justice: A Training for Activists”:
Congregations can be a powerful force when mobilized for justice work. This training will teach, model, and practice 3 central tools for community organizing that can be used to build a more loving and powerful justice-centered community. Matt offers a compelling pathway toward broad ownership of the congregation’s justice work.
Join us, bring family and friends. Let yourself be changed by this experience.