Are Hope and Fear Sleeping Together?

Sunday, December 17 10am, join the congregation of First Parish of Sudbury Unitarian Universalist for their Sunday worship service on the month’s theme of Hope.
Mr. David Andrews, long-time UU and trustee, will offer a sermon “Are Hope and Fear sleeping together? Andrews will explore whether there is a relationship between Hope and Fear, and if so, what the nature of that relationship is. He will explore some traditional philosophical views on this, and some modern psychological ones, as well.
Dave is a father, and a career engineer turned physics teacher, who discovered First Parish and Unitarian Universalism on Christmas day, some 15 years ago.  Dave enjoys singing sea shanties and barbershop harmony,  and listening to many kinds of music.  He is still exploring the spiritual dimensions, possibilities, and  practicalities of the statement: “we hold many (differing) beliefs, but gather as one.”