Spirituality and Personal Development Book Group

Our next get-together: Saturday, June 17 10:30am at FPS

We got together for our first meeting on May 20, with great enthusiasm and lots of ideas for future books to read.

The book we chose to read (or begin) by June 17 is “Dying to Be Me” by Anita Moorjani. This is a fascinating account of a woman’s near death experience as a result of Stage 4 cancer, and her medically documented miraculous recovery. Moorjani then begins her life again, grounded in love and begins to help others through her writing and by the way she lives.

It is a fairly quick read, so get it inexpensively online or find a copy through your library and get ready for some inspiring reading. We will meet on June 17, discuss Dying to Be Me, and select the order for the next books we plan to read:

  • The Art of Exceptional Living by Jim Rohn
  • The Untethered Soul by Michael Singer
  • 10% Happier by Dan Harris
  • A Return to Love by Marianne Williamson