On the Image of the God-Child: Innocence and Purity on the Spiritual Path – Chris Scheller

First Parish welcomes Mr. Chris Scheller, M.Div. to the pulpit on Feb. 26 at 10:00am for his sermon on the God-Child within each of us. He will reflect on his calling to work with children and people of all ages in the essential and healing task of finding our own unique ways to give and support life on this planet. What is so important about the way Unitarian Universalism approaches the spiritual path for people of all ages?
Chris has over ten years of experience in the leadership of spiritual growth and faith formation programs, and about five of those years within Unitarian Universalist churches. He received his Master of Divinity from Harvard in 2009, and completed a minister-in-training internship at the Unitarian Church of Sharon, with a focus on religious education and lifespan learning.