Ingathering Sunday for people of all ages

DP water and handsThis Sunday, September 11th, we start the new church year off with our annual Ingathering Service, featuring our Water Ritual, a joining of our waters. After the service, we will continue with our community potluck (see details below). This service kicks off the new church year.
The service is a multigenerational service, designed to include children of all ages, so all religious education classes will remain in the sanctuary for the whole service. During the service, everyone (all ages) will be invited to bring a small amount of water to the front of the sanctuary for a joining of our waters (see details below). Nursery care will be provided.
Here’s a list of what to bring this Sunday:

  • Yourselves, whole families, friends and neighbors
  • A tiny bit of water (actual or virtual) from your summer experiences. These can be collected waters from your travels, from your backyard kiddy pool, tears of joy or tears of sadness. They will be blended together during our Sunday service with our waters from last year (which contain waters from all the years going back since we began this tradition decades ago!) Our water is used for baby dedications, blessings of marriages, visiting the sick, and other sacred purposes.
  • A salad, side dish or dessert (homemade or store bought) for the community potluck. Our Community and Hospitality Committee will provide us with grilled items and drinks. Our Conscious Eating Group will provide a few side dishes with information about what those individuals eat and why.
  • Your renewed (or not) selves back to our community for a new year of worship, fun, celebration, fun, learning, fun, social action, and fun! We are looking forward to seeing you.