Meaning and Ritual of May Day

Maypole with colored ribbons unfurling, sunny skiesSpring has sprung, birth and rebirth rituals abound! The cycle of the year begins again with May Day. What does it all mean and what is our place in the cycle of merry making? Rev. Dr. Marjorie Matty will share her thoughts about our history and practices that are honored this time of year. Why did our ancestors dance around the Maypole, what are the ancient stories that were told and how have they evolved into our rituals today? What can we take from our history that will help us to renew our commitment to our environment? Next Sunday, May 8, we will celebrate the earth together, dance the dances and sing the songs of our people in celebration of the turning of the wheel. (This Sunday, May 1, Tom Kruskal and the Morris Dancers will be dancing on Nantucket, but will lead the Maypole Dance at FPS on May 8.)