Common Ground…

By Rev. Dr. Marjorie Matty

Published April 10, 2016.

Finding Common Ground venn diagram of 3 overlapping circles illustrating shared interests or mutual benefitsWe live in a world where competition for resources and the continual fight for a living is the norm. We live during a time where under 100 people have amassed the majority of wealth on the planet while others struggle to survive. Our planet has been pushed to the brink and compromised for resources and it is clear how a centuries’ worth of short sighted thinking has placed us in peril. At the beginning of the twenty-first century our reality reads like a bad dystopian thriller. One only need look to the politics of the day, filled with self interest and little else, to realize that we can no longer maintain this course. Rev. Dr. Marjorie Matty will be asking the questions, “What will it take to ensure, save and build upon common ground? How can we come together working as one for the common good? What is our moral imperative and commitment to one another?”

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