Music Sunday: Honoring Mother Earth

As Thanksgiving approaches, what better way to celebrate than to acknowledge and honor the beauty and bounty of our planet Earth. On Sunday, November 22 at 10 a.m. the choir of First Parish of Sudbury will offer their Fall Music Sunday presentation on the theme of “Honoring Mother Earth”. The performance is part of a regular Sunday service and is free. Come hear musical selections by composers David Brunner and Stephen Chatman that present several different perspectives of awareness of the unique, valuable and irreplaceable planet that we all call home. These songs will encourage you to feel the earth underneath your feet and listen to the voices of the earth. They will take you on a musical journey through forest and meadow and by the ocean. They will even give you a view of earth from outer space with Kirke Mechem’s unique piece called “Island in Space” which uses the reflections on viewing the earth from space of astronaut, Russell Schweickart following the Apollo 9 flight in 1969 and his first unattached spacewalk.
Joining the choir for this musical service will be pianist, Noriko Yasuda who will accompany the choir and will also play Chopin’s “Raindrop” Prelude; and soprano soloist, Jessica Tunick Berens who will be singing with the choir and also sing the solo piece, “The Ocean” by Alice Parker. The choir will be directed by Debra Morris-Bennett, Music Director and Organist.