Rabbi Robert Orkand preaching on Forgiveness

Join the congregation at First Parish of Sudbury Unitarian Universalist Oct. 25 as we welcome Rabbi Robert Orkand to our pulpit. He notes that the Jewish community recently completed the High Holy Day “season”—a time of reflection and forgiveness. Rabbi Orkand asks “What is “forgiveness, anyway? –to see where you are, and to feel a sense of discontent about where you are. It means to go back to the place where you once were – not geographically, perhaps, but spiritually. It means to retrace your steps. It means to go back to the inner place that really defines who you are.” Rabbi Orkand recently retired after 40 years in the pulpit rabbinate. During his career he taught a variety of topics related to religion, but his favorite was, and remains, Comparative Religion, believing that only through knowledge will people come to understand and accept both that which unites us and that which divides us.
On October 25th First Parish will Share the Plate with “Dignity in Asylum” a not-for-profit organization based in Concord, MA dedicated to providing safe transitional housing and support for asylum seekers, those who have been granted asylum, refugees and unaccompanied minors at risk of homelessness. Each month the congregation gives half of its collection to a worthy organization recommended by a congregant.