Flower Communion and Picnic

7-scoop-ice-cream-coneFirst Parish Celebrates this Sunday by exchanging flowers in worship. Growth, warmer weather and the promise of a safe summer will be all topics that Rev. Dr. Marjorie Matty will speak about. “One can see the world in a flower” shares Dr. Matty “The Buddha brought enlightenment to followers just by twirling a flower… what did they see?”

Join us for our annual flower communion service followed by a picnic and ice cream party.
Our service will include the sharing of flowers ritual. Please bring one flower for each person in your family (and don’t worry if you forget–we will have a few extra, just in case). Thanks to our Landscape Committee for organizing this.
After our service, in lieu of social hour, we will have a byo lunch picnic. Bring food for your family. Ice cream will be provided by our Community and Hospitality Committee–thanks to them!