Worshiping with Memorial Congregational Church on Memorial Day Sunday

UCC UU logoSame Message; Different Languages
Join the congregations of Memorial Congregational Church and First Parish Unitarian Universalist as we worship together Sunday, May 24 (at MCC) at 10am.
These two congregations share more than just history—they were one congregation many years ago until a difference in theologies resulted in the Trinitarian-leaning members forming MCC. There may be differences in theology, but what about the missions of each congregation and the focus on loving one’s neighbor as one’s own?
Worship with us all this Sunday, to hear Rev. Tom O’Brien and Rev. Dr. Marjorie Matty lead the service and explore the many similarities of the two congregations and two philosophies.
Religious education will be available for all children. Memorial Congregational Church is at 26 Concord Rd in Sudbury.