4/19 Bohm Dialogue — Free Market America

The Religious Exploration Salon is a group that meets 3rd Sundays to discuss various topics in the format called Bohm Dialogue.  The topic for April 19 is “Free Market America“.  We will dialogue about why some are so committed to the idea that free market capitalism with minimal regulation and government services will solve all of America’s problems.  Jan suggests this YouTube video of a talk by Jonathan Haidt that provides food for thought on the subject.

David Bohm

Suppose we were able to share meanings freely without a compulsive urge to impose our view or conform to those of others and without distortion and self-deception.
Would this not constitute a real revolution in culture?
– David Bohm

For more details about how Dialogue works, please see our January article.

Everyone is welcome. You are welcome to think about the topic beforehand but no preparation is required or expected — come as you are with whatever thoughts/feelings/intuitions you have, ready to listen, learn and contribute.  Our next meeting will be on Sunday April 19th at 7pm in the Brackett Room.

Contact Paul Reising for more information.