Unlikely Inspiration: How I Became a UU Sikh – Ilene Gillispie

Ilene will be preaching on the inspiration she found in the Sikh religion and her journey as a Sikh UU. “Six years ago, a chance encounter changed my life and inspired me to travel four times to India, to learn a new language, and to reshape my whole lifestyle. The sermon will talk about my own story as well as the theological and historical connections between UUism and Sikhism (which are actually quite numerous).” (Ilene Gillispie)
Ilene Gillispie is a third-year seminarian at Boston University School of Theology. She currently serves as student minister at First Parish in Malden Univeralist. In her undergraduate work, Ilene studied world religions with a focus on India, where she has traveled four times for language-learning and research. After her graduation this spring, Ilene will begin work as intern minister at First Parish of Stow and Acton.