What the Associated Press Stylebook Taught Me About Love. – Robert Kinslow

In such tumultuous times as these, how do you sustain yourself? Many of you reading this might respond by saying you go to church on Sunday, or participate in some other regular or semi-regular religious or spiritual practice. For some it is working out at the gym or volunteering. For others, it is music or nature walks or cooking or time with a beloved animal companion. For Rob, our guest preacher on Sunday, Nov. 30, it is all of those things, plus something else he calls “lowercase life.” “Lowercase life is an attitude of humility in which humility is not a recognition that we are all equally low, but that we are all equally great,” said Rob, a member of First Parish and a seminarian at Andover Newton Theological School. “Lowercase life says everyone is equally deserving of our love, and by giving love radically, to everyone, as if we had it in abundance-for we do-we in fact sustain ourselves.”