Let's Get Small – Rob Kinslow

This Sunday we extend a warm welcome to Rob Kinslow a candidate for the Unitarian Universalist ministry

A bit from Rev. Kinslow: The writer Kurt Vonnegut once offered that church is a place to daydream about God. I think many of us come to church on Sunday with lots of questions fueling those daydreams-about God, about life, about the presence of good and evil in the world. Often when we ponder a supreme something, when we think about something as vast and mysterious as infinity, we think big-the expansive and expanding universe, even what some call the “multiverse.” I’d like to suggest that infinity runs both ways, and that if you think small, and smaller still, it’s possible to get just a little closer to the answers to any burning questions you might have. In this Sunday’s service I’ll offer ways to imagine infinite smallness and how such imagining-said another way, a welcoming of provocative thinking, an openness to pondering the imponderable-might help us stand on firmer ground, holier ground.