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FPS Shares the Plate to promote single-payer health care

Posted by on May 26, 2015 in General News

This Sunday, May 3Mass-Care logo1, we will share half of our Sunday collection with Mass-Care–the campaign for single-payer health care in Massachusetts.

Mass-Care works with Senator Eldridge to give voice to the problems that people throughout our state have under Massachusetts’ current health- care system including not being able to get health insurance, not being able to get the care for which their insurance legally entitles them, and going bankrupt because of huge medical bills

It holds briefing sessions for, and lobbies legislators, and  it educates people about the advantages of single-payer health care through forums, lectures, TV and radio programs. It has previously produced ballot questions in which the people in 24 Massachusetts districts have voted that they want single-payer health care.

Mass-Care is supporting these single-payer related bills in the Massachusetts legislature: H.1026/S.579- An Act for Medicare for All (the single-payer bill); H.1033/S604- An Act to Establish A public Health Insurance Option; and H.967/S.647- An Act to Ensure Effective Cost Control. It’s Legislative Committee wrote the current single-payer bill, as it has all the previous ones.

57 legislators are supporting these bills because they know that single-payer health care will guarantee quality health care to every Massachusetts resident, and will save the Commonwealth, businesses and individuals at least $17 billion a year through huge administrative savings, preventive care and the negotiated purchase of pharmaceuticals and medical supplies.

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