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Contemplating Christmas…

Posted by on Dec 10, 2013 in Minister's Column

As we get ready for Yule and Christmas I feel like a race horse being brought to the gate all jitters and anticipation. Let me say right up front that I do not condone horse or dog racing, although I had an uncle who once owned and raced horses in Saratoga, and in his later years I was often enlisted to drive him, in his mint colored cadillac, to the track. I am certain that there is a sermon in there somewhere… As a member of the clergy we prepare and train to be ready for this time of the year, we are in tip top shape and ready to run. The holidays are a time of lots of energy, miscommunication and an opportunity for explosive emotion… Frankly, it can be exhilarating and yet exhausting.  I have two worries during this time of year. The first is that you, dear members and friends, will have a tradition or expectation with regard to the holidays that the staff will be unaware of and you will be disappointed. The second is that someone in our community will need care and instead of reaching out when in need he or she might choose instead to suffer in silence. Regardless of the business of the season if you or someone that you know is in need please do not hesitate to reach out to myself, any other member of the staff or the pastoral associates group. We do care so much and can only know if there is something amiss if you take the time to let us know… So we need your help in this. As far as knowing and exceeding your expectations about the holidays we will do our utmost.

This holiday season you can expect to enjoy a few events. Yule will be celebrated on December 21 at 6PM with music, dance, and lots of good food. This is a tradition that is celebrated around the world and I personally would love to see singing, merriment, dancing and costumes to chase away the dark and cold. A few days later on Christmas eve First Parish will be offering two services the first begins at 5PM and is a family, multigenerational service. There will be carols sung, a nativity play offered and cookies and cider directly following the worship. For the 7PM service we will begin in the parish hall at 6:15 with cookies and cider so please arrive early so that we can start a new tradition of revelry between the two services. The 7PM service will be filled with music, readings, candles, lessons and carols. December 24th will be a fun-filled and meaning-filled evening and we hope that you will join us in the spirit of the holiday. On Christmas morning, I will be hosting a time for reflection at 10AM in the Brackett Room. I will build the fire and make the coffee if those planning to be in attendance would be willing to bring some goodies to share. The Sunday service after Christmas, on December 29th, will be held at the First Parish in Wayland as First Parish of Sudbury will not be hosting worship that morning.

There is so much to reflect upon and look forward too as we anticipate the longest night. We have had an amazing fall together we have created and built energy and excitement in our community. Dare I say that we might feel revitalized or renewed? Let us take this time during the holidays, albeit that can feel like a fast paced race, to slow down a bit and acknowledge just how blessed we are.  January will bring us into a time of imagining our future and making exciting plans but for now, in the next couple of weeks, let us just relax, chill out and en-joy one another!

Peace, Love and Light of the Season to you and yours!

Rev. Dr. Marjorie J. Matty

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