Sudbury Town Center Tri-Centennial Celebration

The SudburyTown Center was “born” in 1722 when Reverend Israel Loring delivered his first sermon on the site, known then and now as the “The Rocky Plain.” It was selected for the site of Sudbury’s second parish and second meeting house, called “West Parish.” “East Parish” split off in 1780 and is now Wayland.

In conjunction with Sudbury’s 4th of July parade, we are offering free guided tours of the Meetinghouse.

A bit about the history:

1722 – Rocky Plains site selected for West Parish
1723 – First Meetinghouse completed
1775 – Sudbury Militia and Minute muster before heading to the North Bridge for the Battle of Concord
1780 – East Parish splits off as a separate town — initially called East Sudbury but later Wayland
1797 – Present Meetinghouse completed — 225 years old this year
1836 – Town and church separate
1837 – Local schism led First Parish to become Unitarian, with the Congregationalist members splitting off to form what is now our Memorial Congregational Church
1846 – Town moves into its own building “Town House” (lost to fire in 1930)
1932 – Present Sudbury Town Hall completed

On our tour, we’ll share a little about the other buildings in the Town Center— the Presbyterian Church, the Grange Hall, the Town Hall, Loring Parsonage, and the Hosmer House.