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Religious Exploration February 24th

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Religious Exploration– In the Islamic culture, the Kaaba is a huge black stone structure that sits at the heart of the Grand Mosque, Islam’s most sacred place of worship. Some of its parts are connected to important episodes in Islamic tradition. The Kaaba is said to have been built by the prophet Abraham and his son Ishamet; this week the children of First Parish will learn about this important piece of Islamic history and make their own replicas of the Kaaba!
Please Note – Religious Exploration at First Parish is in need of adult volunteers to lead and assist in spirit play and nursery! Please contact us at if you are able to volunteer!
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Rev. Fred Small preaching Sunday, Feb. 17

We welcome Rev. Fred Small to our pulpit.

“Praise Be the Flood”  Scientists predict that climate change will have dire consequences for humanity and the planet we inhabit.  Can global warming move us to change course and build a new society grounded in justice, equity, and compassion?

A Unitarian Universalist pastor, environmental activist, singer-songwriter, and former environmental lawyer, Rev. Fred Small is Minister for Climate Justice at Arlington Street Church, Boston. Cited by Bill McKibben as “one of the key figures in the religious environmental surge,” Fred left parish ministry in 2015 to devote his energies to climate advocacy.


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A Change to the “Say Their Names” observances in our February worship services

The past two Sundays, First Parish has participated in the Say Their Names project to honor the memory of those whose lives were taken by horrific hate crimes.  We acknowledge that this is important for First Parish to do, however, we have decided that while our settled minister is on sabbatical, we are going to change the way we present the names and we will no longer include the graphic details of their suffering. This will still allow us to hold those names in memory in our sacred space.

Should you feel that you need to leave the sanctuary while we read the names, we respect that decision and will now allow a few moments for that.  We welcome you to rejoin us afterwards for the remainder of the service.

Rev. Debra Morris-Bennett on behalf of the Worship Associates


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Sharing the Plate with America’s Black Holocaust Museum

On February 17 we will share our collection with America’s Black Holocaust Museum (ABHM). Founded by Dr. James Cameron in 1984 in Milwaukee, ABHM builds public awareness of the harmful legacies of slavery in America and promotes racial repair and healing through four themes: remembrance, resistance, redemption, and reconciliation.

During the month of February, philanthropist Chris Abele – a Concord MA native – has pledged to match every dollar donated to ABHM. Your contribution will help even more!


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Religious Exploration February 17th

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Religious Exploration-This week our exploration of the Islamic faith continues! The children will be learning about Arabic, Mecca, Calls to Prayer, and what it means to go on pilgrimage. There will be videos, discussion, and individual creative activities to help them better understand this religion and how it relates to our own UU practices. As a side note Religious Exploration is in need of adult volunteers to help lead our spirit play class on Sundays! If you are interested please feel free to contact me via text or phone call at 978-793-0851 or via email at
We need your help! Please click the links below to volunteer a Sunday in RE!
Spirit Play:
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“Letting go- How does one even do that?” by Ms. Gail Hardenbergh (newsletter)

Gail Hardenbergh, a long time member and spiritual seeker looks forward to sharing her ideas about how one might actually “Let Go.” The sermon will explore the meaning and opportunities inherent in the process.

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Strategic Planning Feedback Sessions–attend one or both

In these meetings, the Strategic Planning team will share with the congregation their draft recommendations, answer any questions you might have, and solicit feedback to help ensure our 5-year plan focuses on FPS’s greatest needs, maximizes our ability to fulfill FPS’s Mission in the near- and long-term.

These two meetings–Sunday, Feb. 17 and Sunday, Feb. 24 will be held in the Brackett Room at 11:45am. You are urged to attend and provide feedback to the Strategic Planning team! For more information, contact Chad Trexler.
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