Visit Us

Welcome to First Parish of Sudbury — a lively, liberal congregation that began 380 years ago and continues to make history and change lives!

What drew me to this congregation may be the same things that will draw you—people who are committed to creating an inclusive, just community, both inside and outside the walls of this beautiful old Meetinghouse; the value placed on supporting families and children in their spiritual growth and maturation; and the depth of relationships that connect individuals to each other and to their own best selves.

Like all Unitarian Universalist churches, First Parish contains a healthy variety of perspectives. Whatever your path, you’ll discover fellow travelers who think like you, and others who will challenge your opinions, helping us all to learn to love across our differences and glimpse the infinite in every single person.

On our website, you will discover information about our programs, services, and special events. But the best way to really get acquainted with First Parish is by visiting us on several Sunday mornings. If you have questions about the parish, about our UU faith, or just want to talk, my door is always open.

Come as you are: gay or straight, in dungarees or high heels, whether Christian, Atheist, Buddhist or Jewish. In the spirit of radical hospitality, we invite you to join us, to share your wisdom, and to add your unique gifts to our midst.

Once again, Bienvenido, Namaste, Welcome. I look forward to meeting you! Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions, and I hope to meet you at Sunday service soon!

Rev. Dr. Marjorie Matty

The Wayside Pulpit, positioned on the Parish property, offers passersby some thoughts to take with them on their journeys.