About Religious Exploration

Are you interested in working for First Parish as a Religious Exploration coordinator doing administrative work, teaching, and volunteer support?

Welcome to First Parish of Sudbury’s Religious Education program. First Parish of Sudbury is a Unitarian Universalist congregation that was first established in 1640. Although much has changed since then, one thing that remains the same is our steadfast belief in the inherent right to freedom for every person in all matters regarding religion.

Because we want people of all ages to embrace our open-minded heritage, we believe that religious education is a lifelong exploratory process. We offer many programs for children, teens, and adults.

While we, like many churches, call our programs “religious education”, our programs could better be named “religious exploration” and “youth ministry” because of our deeply spiritual and “whole person” approach to learning and growing. What is most important to our growth as individuals is how well we connect with one another in worship and fellowship … therefore, our focus includes building community.

May this liberal church be a warm, welcoming religious home for your family!

May ours be a religion which, like sunshine, goes everywhere.
Its temple ~ all space
Its shrine ~ the good heart
Its creed ~ all truth
Its ritual ~ works of love
Its profession of faith ~ divine living.

~ Theodore Parker