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Supporting First Parish of Sudbury

Stewardship: “the responsible overseeing and protection of something considered worth caring for and preserving”

If you are interested in supporting First Parish at anytime during the year, please send email to stewardship at fpsudbury or call the office: 978-443-2043.

Stewardship letter from March 2018:

Join us as we “March Forward into 2019”! Every year in March, members and friends are asked to make a commitment to the future of First Parish Sudbury. It’s about supporting each other, and living our faith in the larger world through shared contributions of time and money. First Parish thrives because of our generosity and caring, and our willingness to stretch to fund our shared hopes and dreams for the future.

• How has First Parish supported and nurtured you or people close to you – now or in the past?
• What values does it embody that are important to you?
• What do you find here that you do not receive elsewhere in your life?

Everyone who has chosen to be part of our community – member or friend, deeply engaged or peripheral participant, living nearby or geographically afar – has an important and valued relationship to this community. We ask you to renew your commitment as loving stewards of this congregation.

Please take a few minutes to review the enclosed brochure about our pledge drive for this year. Sometime in the next two weeks, expect a phone call from one of our canvassers, who will be glad to discuss any questions you might have and who will meet you in person to discuss your pledge, if you wish.

There will be a presentation about our budgeting process and an opportunity to celebrate all we do at FPS during the Annual Canvass Potluck, scheduled for Saturday, March 17th. Please come for refreshments and a chance to share in our vision for the future.
Thank you so very much for your financial commitment and for all you do for First Parish. Warmest regards,

Rev. Dr. Marjorie Matty, Craig Parkhill
Minister Chair, Canvass Committee